I hope you all are doing well and having a wonderful weekend 🌹

This is my first post from the Alliance website, and I don’t quite know how it works so bare with me ok? 😜 Lol

You can call it a test post and I have no idea how this is going to look once I post it 😂 Hahahaha

Might end up as a #firstpostmisshap 😜 Buwahahaha

Here is a few photos of my precious Bobby and some cool edits I made in The new cool app PHOTO LAB that I been having fun with 😁 lol


He is such a cutie 😍


And I found this one cool Edit that just cracked me up as Bobby often gives me the… Please mom.. Look how cute I am 🙈 and I cave everytime.. Lol

I don’t know if this gif works here, but he is totally blinkning with the eyes 🐶lol

This was my first try and I hope you liked it and I Will try post some each week from here… Might need to ask Lovely @snook for some tip here 😉

Have a wonderful saturday and a special shoutout to my amazing family #thealliance ❤️ Love Ya’ll

*All pictures are my own and edits in app Photo lab!






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