Steem has been very quiet the last week or so. Many people are enjoying Holidays and having their children home from school for a week. While everyone seems to be looking at their lives to see what is really important, there are still wonderful posts put out by Steemians each and every day.

Below I wanted to share a few I found by some great Steemians just being exactly who they are.



Blue Ridge Parkway

Thekittygirl is one of a kind. She knows so much about everything. She is the most organized person I know and women with a loving heart. Her posts are always filled with information I didn’t know. Her detective skills in finding out all there is to a coin, tree or barn amazes me each time I stop by her blog. Highlighted in this post is the history of the Blue Ridge Parkway national park along with a really cool bronze coin.





Non-Stop Rush Hour

Iamjadeline is one of the hardest working Steemian I know. She is the Mom of a handsome boy and works full time taking care of him. Her post I am sharing is a tribute to all Moms in the world. You will have to read the post to find out why. Iamjadeline can also be found on Twitter doing her best to promote Steem there too. She always has a smile on her face which always makes me smile when I see one of her posts.


Photo by @iamjadeline




Really, Really, Really Bad Karaoke

Molovelly is the greatest of Steemians. She never gives herself enough credit for all that she can do and has accomplished. Molovelly, through some kind of magic, found a free Twitch karaoke program. I did not even know Twitch had free programs you could play. She goes on to share a Fabulous video of her singing the song ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. She nails it. I will also say that I tried to sing that song. She made it look so easy and I failed big time! If you need a huge smile on your face, stop on over to her post and take a listen.
P.S. The free program is highly addictive!


Photo by @molovelly




The Ultimate Breakfast Burger……

Silverd510 did the unthinkable and made me hungry when I am already stuffed from having Easter dinner. His photo and details of how to make the ‘Ultimate Breakfast Burger’ made me want to start frying up bacon. Lucky for me I didn’t have any to fry. I love finding out more about Steemians and this one can cook! I know now if I ever get to the East Coast of the USA, I will be stopping at his house for one of his Ultimate Breakfast Burgers. Well, and bring a screenshot of him saying he invited us all to stop on by!



Image by @silverd510




POEM: Downtime

Katrina-ariel is multi-talented beyond belief. Her push and drive are something I am in awe of. In the poem found in the above post, she realizes as hard as you play you need to unwind too. Taking care of yourself so you can also take care of others is always key. I miss when Katrina-ariel is away from Steem but ‘it’s good for her’ and lucky for us she left this wonderful poem today.


@katrina-ariel’s photo



I hope you enjoyed meeting some cool Steemians, reading a bit about them, along with their posts. Have a wonderful day filled with plenty of smiles and laughs!!


Love, @Snook



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