She opened the box. Inside it was her sewing kit and some accessories. She went to another room and opened the wardrobe. The lower rack had unstitched pieces of cloth. She took out the red and black check cloth. She had stored it and not used it because it was her favorite but now, she was happy to take it out and use it to make a dress.

She was happy that the red and black check cloth was going to be used to make a proper dress for the little girl she had met a few days ago. The girl was dressed in torn clothes and was seen on the street, asking for food. Her heart melted and she gave the girl her sandwich and coffee. The girl had taken it to her mother who was lying down on the roadside and they both shared the small meal. She had made up her mind to stitch a new dress for the little girl.

Meanwhile, she had talked to the local support group about the mother and child and asked them to move them both to the house where other homeless people were provided with shelter and care. Hot meals were sponsored by various organizations and other gifts were always welcome.

Soon, the dress was ready. She packed it carefully and along with it, she also placed a few chocolates and a few dresses for the mother. She then went to the support center and met the mother and child who were happy beyond words. The staff were also happy and thanked her for her generosity but she dismissed it saying that it was her duty towards the society

Life offers many a gift. So, if you feel that you are indeed blessed, please consider gifting to those who are not privileged during this Christmas season.

God blesses those who help others in need.

written by @sayee for @thealliance

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